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Teach in Harmony


In The Mix DJ School is proud to offer the next generation of affordable and formalized instruction in spinning and breaking the hits of its times. With cutting edge technology and equipment provided by Pioneer DJ, In the Mix provides history, techniques and methods to instruct you in playing, looping, cutting and mixing music. Classes are designed to train and teach the most inexperienced to the veterans with programs for varying levels of experience.

The Future Sounds Good


Our mission is to educate responsibly through experience, curriculum, proper equipment and celebrity instructors.

We instruct our students on the importance of and the role they must play as DJ at any event. Our knowledge guides our students to project their best in front of their audience. These resources help new DJs grow in their field. In The Mix will help you develop the appropriate skills to deal with new challenges and opportunities that are presented within the entertainment industry.

Founder’s Notes 

Founded in 2009 by “breakthrough” pioneer, Dj Creme. Listed as one of the Top One Hundred DJ’s for DJ Times Magazine eight years in a row , DJ Creme has played the hottest clubs throughout the U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico and South America.  In The Mix DJ School caters to every level of sonic enthusiast from the working club Dj to the traveling Dj to the individual music aficionado.

Learn more about Dj Creme at WWW.DJCREME.NET



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